Thirteen-year-old Toni is such a spirited girl, she just can’t stop herself from dancing, even in the middle of the night. So her mother decides to send her off to a convent on the prairies to learn how to be a proper 1930s lady.

But when Toni sneaks out of the dorm to dance a celebration to the prairie dawn, she discovers a girl hiding in a barn. She is terribly hungry and cold. Who is this strange child? Where does she come from? And why is she so afraid? Toni convinces her to come back to the convent with her where the nuns will look after her. When the girl recovers, Toni tries to teach her the convent ways.

Soon Jess and Toni turn out to be ‘sisters’ in the mischief department. Can they survive in the strict convent environment? And will anyone help the troublemakers when real trouble comes to call.

Publisher: Coteau, Regina

ISBN: 1-55050-143-7