No Place for a Horse

Jane’s sister, Annie, receives a wonderful surprise for her birthday. A pony sent to her by her eccentric aunt. Annie is overjoyed, but the problem is that the weather has turned cold and there’s a blizzard.

Anne is worried that her new pony will freeze to death so she convinces Jane to help her hide the new pony in the basement of their mother’s hotel. Unfortunately, the blizzard continues for several days and the door to the basement freezes over.

If the nasty mayor ever finds out that the horse is in the basement, the girls’ mother will lose her license to run her hotel/restaurant and the family will be out on the street. So how can the girls keep the pony’s presence a secret?

Things get especially tough as the days pass and they have to sneak in food for him, and shovel away the smelly mounds of manure he produces.

Publisher: General, Toronto

ISBN: 0-7177-22969