April Fool Heroes

Lee, her sister, Darlene and their friend, Greg, go fishing on April 1. To get to their favourite fishing spot they take a short cut along the railway tracks that goes along the narrow edge of the mountains. But they take longer than they’d planned and now they have to hurry or they’ll get caught by the train.

When they go through a tunnel, there’s a huge rock slide that covers the tracks. Now they can’t get to their fishing spot. And they can’t go back home because that 10:30 freight train will catch them before they get there. And they have to warn the train engineer that the train will crash into the slide.

They try phoning the station master, but he doesn’t believe them. He thinks they’re trying to play an April Fools trick on him. Now what can they do to save the train? And to save themselves?

Publisher: Nelson, Toronto

ISBN: 0-17-602588-X